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Luigi Pirandello was born in 1867 in Agrigento, Sicily, Italy.  Pirandello wrote his first successful novel, "The Late Mattia Pascal", in 1904. By 1914 he had published two other novels and many short stories. In 1916 he directed his writing talents toward the stage.  He is acknwledged to be the "father of the contemporary theater."

"Better Think Twice About It!", "Liolà", and "It is So!, If You Think So", were then followed by "Six Characters in Search of an Author", and "Henry IV".  His dynamic, abstruse and thought-provoking play, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" has been a worthy and rewarding challenge to all who have produced it, past and present.

Pirandello best described his art and his personality when he said, "I have tried to tell something to other men, without any ambition, except perhaps that of avenging myself for having been born."

Luigi Pirandello was a complex man, whose unique style of writing underscores and enhances the mystique of his own personality, and the tragedy and trauma of his personal life.

Although he passed away in 1936, his art, his personality and his innovative theater  lives on throughout the world.

This web site of the Pirandello Society of America will not only keep his memory alive, but for those of us who wish to perpetuate his work it will enrich our own perceptions and observations about this unique individual and his equally complex creations. In addition, you will also find selected web sites listed here that will further enhance your understanding of the playwright and the man.

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Luigi  Pirandello
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