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Please feel free to visit these interesting Luigi Pirandello Sites.  And, as always, since new pages are being added to the Web every day, you may find more here at a later date, or you can conduct your own "search" on the Web for more Pirandellian content.

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(Search Results on "YAHOO" Search engine)
(Biography and Extensive list of his works)
(The Pirandelo Lyceum,  Institue of Italian-American Studies)
(Encyclopedia entries and other relevant information on Pirandello)
(A biography and short list of his works)
(Various quotations attributed to Pirandello)
(A source of  biographical and critical information on Pirandello)
The "Sicilian Bookstore" - a very comprehensive list of Pirandello's works)
(Concerning Benito Ortolani's work - "Pirandello's Love Letters to Marta Abba")