The Official Publication
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Pirandello Society of America
Nishan Parlakian, President

Volumes I through V (1985 -1990)

ISSN: 1042-4822
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VOLUME I   (1985/1986)       The Pirandello Society of America  25th Anniversary Celebration. "The Structure of Pirandello's Short Story", Franco Zangrilli. "Fiction or Theater: The Character's Drama is The Thing", Umberto Mariani. Book Review: Pirandello Studies, I, 1985, Report on the AAIS/Pirandello Program, Tampa, April 1995. Giuseppe Faustini.

VOLUME II   (1986/1987)           Pirandello and The French Connection, Proceedings of the MLA/PSA Annual Meeting, Chicago, 1985. "Pirandello and Giraudoux", Philip A. Fulvi. "The Double in Pirandello and Gide" "Il Fu Mattia Pascal" and "Les Caves du Vatican." Moses M. Nagy. Forum for Members. Book Reviews: "Pirandello in guanti gialli" (A. Costantini); "Metapsichica e letteratura in Pirandello" (G. W. Anderson); "L'arte novellistica di Pirandello" (G. Faustini). [Out of Stock / Out of Print]

VOLUME III   (1987/1988)         The Japanese Reception of Pirandello, John Gillespie. "Pirandello & the 20th Century French Theater", Philip Fulvi. "Authors as Transcribers  Pirandello and Unamuno", Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier. "Victor/Victoria" and Pirandello's "Enrico IV"  The Forging of Masks, Victor Carrabino. Book Reviews: Pirandello e il teatro del suo tempo; Pirandello e il teatro; Pirandello pittore.

VOLUME IV   (1988/1989)          Pirandello's "Humoristic" Treatment of Marriage, Kathryn Wylie. "Six Characters in Search of an Author": Notices of Hollywood Television Theatre Production by Normal Lloyd, Anne Paolucci. "Six Characters . . . At Pace University: The Jean Cocteau Repertory Production", Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni. "Pirandello: A Translator's Personal View", Giovanni Bussino. "Translating Pirandello", Giuseppe Faustini.

VOLUME V   (1989/1990)        Special Presentation by Joseph Maselli to the PSA: MLA/PSA Meeting, December 1988, New Orleans. Madness as Mask: Themes and Variations in 'Enrico IV'," Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander. "A Director's Thoughts on 'Henry IV'," Nishan Parlakian."Brief Comments on 'Enrico IV', Philip A. Fulvi. "Enrico IV' The Emperor", Anne Paolucci.

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