On Tuesday, November 21st, "The Players Club",  at Gramercy Park  in  New York City, hosted  the Third Annual Pirandello Society of America Awards Dinner
honoring Playwright Edward Albee for the year 2000.

           The evening was arranged by Nishan Parlakian, President of the Pirandello Society of America (PSA), with commentary by the President Emeritus of the PSA, Comm. Anne Paolucci.

John Martello, Executive Director of The Players, welcomed the attendees. After a well-attended reception and dinner, Edward Albee, three time Pulitzer Prize winner for his plays "Zoo Story", "A Delicate Balance" and "Three Women", was honored as "America's Pirandello", receiving the coveted 25th Anniversary Commemorative Pirandello Medallion in honor of his works, past, present and future.

Among the distinguished guests were:

            Benito Ortolani, 1999 PSA Award Winner for his book "Pirandello's Love Letters to Marta Abba"
            Dominic Chianese,  (Corrado "Junior" Soprano) of the Hit HBO Series, "The Sopranos"
            Doctor Mimi Valenti, Administrator, Christ the King Regional High School, Queens, NY (which is also the site of the Anne and Henry Paolucci Conference Center and Library)

Doctor Nishan Parlakian, president and co-founder of the Pirandello Society of America, introduced Mr. Albee, who then took the stage to accept his award from Comm. Anne Paolucci, President Emeritus and co-founder, The Pirandello Society of America.  Comm. Paolucci,  in her writings, calls Mr. Albee "America's Pirandello", and her observation was brought to life by Mr. Albee's acceptance speech this evening, when Mr Albee spoke at length about the influence that Luigi Pirandello's plays had on him.


         Actors Jeffrey Kurz (as Tobias) and Kathryn Wylie Marques (as Agnes) were the featured readers, presenting dramatic excerpts from "A Delicate Balance".

          Commemorative buttons, created by Azar Attura, were given to Mr. Albee for this special occasion. The public may also order them, by contacting the Pirandello Society of America.

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The Pirandello Society of America Awards Dinner
November 21, 2000

Honoring Playwright, Edward Albee
Text by Azar Attura
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From the viewer's left to right:  Comm. Anne Paolucci, Marilyn Walsh,  Azar Attura, and  Dr. Oscar Muscarela
(Photograph by Jim Magnus)
Special Commemorative Buttons made for this event
by Azar Attura
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"Edward Albee"
Original Drawing by Paul Sagsoorian
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"The Zoo Story"

"A Delicate Balance"

"Three Tall Women"

Edward Albee's
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Plays
(Many have thought
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
should have beeen # 4)
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