The Official Publication
of the
Pirandello Society of America
Nishan Parlakian, President

Volumes XI through XV (1995 -  2000)
ISSN: 1042-4822
  CNL Anne & Henry Paolucci Int'l Conference Center
6802 Metropolitan Avenue
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VOLUME XI   (1995/1996)        PIRANDELLO IN GERMANY.  "Pirandello, Nietzsche and The Good Mask", Daniela Bini. "On And Off The Rialto, La Cronista. Pirandello in Germany (1924-1930)" and "Tonight We Improvise," Jane House.  "Germany: The Biographical Connection", John DiGaetani.  "Carteggi: Sulle Lettere di Pirandello a Marta Abba. Va in scena la polemica", Tommaso Zerlina. Readings.  Productions.  Conferences: Indiana Univ. theatre: Six Characters, James Fisher.  New York Theatre Workshop: "Man, Beast, and Virtue", Michael Kowal. "Pirandello at Boston College", Nina DaVinci Nichols.

VOLUME XII   (1996/1997)         PIRANDELLO, SHAKESPEARE, AND MODERN TIMESPresentations at PSA/MLA Meetings. Notices, including a brief account of PSA's Anniversary Awards Dinner. "Pirandello's theories of Comedy and Shakespeare's Clowns", Maurice Charney.  "Tempest and Mountain Giants", Nina DaVinci Nichols. " 'Enrico IV', Pirandello's Cubist Quadro", Rosana Vitale. Theatre Reviews: Hugo Weisgall's Opera of Six Characters, Manhattan School of Music: "Six Characters in Search of an Opera", Jon Messman.

  "The Pirandello Six, Singing but Still Dysfunctional," Allan Kozinn (NY Times). "Weisgall's neglected 'Six Characters' finds new life at the Lyric," John von Rhein (Chicago Tribune)   "Opera: Pirandello's Plot," Howard Taubman (NY Times).   "Washington Critics Hail Weisgall Work," (NY Times).   "Six Characters in Search of an Author," Richard Goldman (The Music Quarterly).  "Music: Weisgall's 'Six Characters'," (NY Times)

VOLUME XIII   (1997/1998)  Commemorating the Society's 40th Anniversary. FROM NARRATIVE TO DRAMA.  Presentations at PSA/MLA Meeting etc.  "Story to Play: Toward a Theory of Self-Adaptation", Robert S. Dombroski.  "Narrative in Pirandello's Plays", Anne Paolucci.  "The Players" Hosts PSA's 40th Anniversary Dinner.  "Aspects of Italian Futurism in Pirandello's 'Tonight We Improvise'," David S. Escoffery.  "Re-envisioning Pirandello for  Contemporary Stage: Critical and Directional Interventions", Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni.  "Pirandellian Themes in Paolo Pappa's 'Le Parole al Buio'," Giuliana Sanguinetti Katz. Theatre Notes and Reviews.

VOLUME XIV  (1998-1999)          PIRANDELLO IN TRANSLATION. Presentations at PSA/MLA Meetings, etc.  "Pirandello's Women Writer and the Birth Metaphor: Problems in Translation", Mary Ann Witt. "Translating Pirandello into the 21st Century: Literary, Historical and Linguistic Challenges", Martha King. "The Influence of Pirandello in Latin America", James J. Troiano. Annual Awards Dinner, November 30, 1999, honoring Benito Ortolani.  Productions: "The Freak of Nature: Pirandello's One-Act Plays", Nina DaVinci Nichols, etc.

VOLUME XV  (1999-2000)        Presentations at PSA/MLA Meeting, etc. (To be published soon)
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